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Christine Noack
Christine Noack

Owner & Beauty Expert

Christine Noack

First and foremost, I love making people for beauty and confident. That is what I have found At the Oak Salon on. This is a personal service to make you feel your best. I started At the Oak Salon in 2013. I wanted a salon name that sounds sophisticated and had a special namesake...and At the Oak Salon was born (my last name translates to "at the oak"). My best advice to clients and future clients is be the Most Beautiful and healthy you – and hopefully I can help make that happen!

A little more about me...Since I was little, I've always loved playing dress up and also would do my friend's hair and makeup for our high school proms. So, I guess you could say that I have officially been doing cosmetology since 2010; unofficially since I was 12 years old. I attended Baldwin Beauty School in Austin Texas from 2010-2011. But, before that, I had almost completed nursing school. Wether it was making my friends feel beautiful or helping people at the hospital, I've always loved taking care of people. I realized at nursing school and working at the hospital that I did help people, but as a stylist I feel I am able to do more.

As the years progress, my passion for making peoples' inner beauty match their outer beauty, only grows. Please contact me and schedule your appointment and together we can make the world a more beautiful place!
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